Instructional Design – TPACK Style

TPACK. Technology, content, and pedagogical knowledge. These are the aspects that are required to create a thoroughly “TPACK approved” lesson.  Going through the design thinking process to help a colleague solve a “problem of practice” through the TPACK framework has helped me reflect even more on my own teaching process. From asking open ended questions to clarify where the problem was stemming from, to reaching out to our PLN for assistance, this project was a huge learning experience for me.

I am a hard worker and very stubborn when it comes to trying to figure things out for myself. It was humbling for me to reach out for help and to change my approach as I went along. As a consultant for one of my colleagues, I wanted to appear as if I was confident, but in reality, I needed more guidance from her. Higher level math is not my strong suit, so once my instructor persuaded me to talk to my colleague about her problem, things became a lot clearer about what I needed to accomplish.

Please look at the prototype lesson that I created for my colleague. This lesson will hopefully help her with her “problem of practice” of students struggling to understand the concept of instantaneous and average rate of change in her algebra 2 class.

**Conclusion based on feedback from Bethany


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