MAET Makers Project

In essence, “making” is the art of learning through creation and exploration. This is not necessarily a new concept, but today’s educators and innovators are putting a new spin on the process of learning through construction.

Through the Maker Project, I researched what making is, and realized that I was already doing a lot of making in my classroom. Making is building, and figuring out abstract concepts to help make them more concrete. Students use materials from recycled water bottles and balloons to robots and programmable devices to learn through making.

Science lends itself to making and I felt like I had my chemistry and physics students make quite a few things to enhance their learning, so here, I created a biology lesson to help bring the microscopic concept of cell structure and function to life!

This….parts of cell

Turns into….This!


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To learn how to have your students learn through making their own model of a cell, please click here to access my lesson plan