MAET Year 2

Arriving in Galway for a second summer in a row felt like coming home. It was nice to know the way around and to have so many places that I wanted to explore again! I have so many positive memories associated with this place and the experiences I have had here. Once classes started, it was clear that Year 2 was going to be a different experience that Year 1. I looked forward to the challenge and to see how this year would push me outside of my comfort zone personally and professionally. The learning journey that I started last summer has pushed me to become a more open and reflective educator. I quickly learned that this summer would do even more!

During my second summer in Galway, Ireland, we continued our learning in the area of educational technology. This year our focus was TPACK, research, leadership, and collaboration. The projects that we did helped us focus our learning journeys to what we needed as well as reach a common goal. Planning, running, and presenting at an international ed tech conference was a GREAT experience! Through the Research 101 project, I learned how to think outside the box and that designing and conducting a valid research experiment is definitely not a linear process. Helping a colleague solver her problem of practice – TPACK style reminded me to stay humble when learning new things.

Not only did we learn about a wide range of new (to me) tech tools, but we taught others about our favorite tools as well! What an experience Year 2 has been! Please check out the resources that I and my colleagues have created using the links on this page.