Team Teach The Readings Reflection


luke and carrie1

Photo Credit: Kristen Bryan

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As a whole, I really enjoyed this project. It was fun getting to collaborate with a classmate about a single article and become the experts on it. Luke and I worked well together and bounced ideas off of each other in order to create the most engaging, meaningful lesson we could.


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Reflection on Mindsets

In terms of the mindsets that teachers need to adopt to prepare students for their learning futures and integrate technology successfully, teachers need to be open minded, positive, lifelong learners who are willing to collaborate, be patient, and flexible with themselves as well as their students as they explore and learn about new technologies. A technology might not be new to a student, but the application of that technology in the classroom may be new and confusing. Continue reading

Learning and Understanding

Learning is the discovery and acquisition of new knowledge. The learning process involves keeping an open mind and utilizing past knowledge to build on incoming information. For me, learning is very hands on and discussion based. Being able to put my hands on something and experience it, as well as being able to talk about ideas and concepts with peers, professors, and colleagues has helped me have a better understanding of the what and why for the content that I am learning. Continue reading