Team Teach the Readings


One of our assignments for MAET year 1 was to be paired up with a classmate and assigned a reading to create a lesson in which we shared to opinions and ideas presented in the article. The readings were short opinion articles on in response to the 2010 annual question “How is the Internet Changing the Way that you Think?” The article that my partner, Luke and I read was titled, “Replacing Experience with Facsimile” by Eric Fischl.

After reading and discussing the article, Luke and I created a Google Doc to reflect on the reading and plan a lesson based on the opinions Fischl had laid out in his article. To engage


Photo Credit: Luke Zaccaro

our audience, we created a socrative quiz that asked if people had personally seen certain pieces of art or had been to certain locations around the world. We then asked what their experience was like seeing the art work or the location in person vs seeing a picture and if they felt it compared at all. The whole premise of Fischl’s article was that seeing the art or location in person was much more of an experience than seeing it in a picture.

During our lesson, we used a Google SlidesGoogle Slides presentation to showcase pictures of the places and pieces of art that we were discussing. Again, we asked who had been to a particular location, we first questioned those who hadn’t been there about how they think it might make them feel or what emotional response they might have. Then, we asked those who had been there what they did feel and compared the two. I focused on art work and Luke focused on locations.

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