Web Based Resources

Below, is a list of tools and resources to help make integrating technology into the classroom fun! Some of these resources I have personally used in my classroom, while some of the resources were found through exploration in my MAET year 1 program. Here there are a combination of free and paid web based resources for both classroom and learning at home.

Mmobymaxoby Max – Moby Max is an  intervention program to assist struggling learners in a fun way. An account is required to sign up and to add more than one person a paid subscription is required. Despite this constraint, Moby Max is a fun program that allows students to earn game time after studying for a certain number of minutes and going through a certain number of lessons. Moby Max has leveled material through 8th grade.


Kahoot logo6Kahoot – Kahoot uses the ideas from game-based learning to engage students during classroom presentations. Kahoot is also a great review tool presented in the form of a fun game! You can add pictures to the questions, but a constraint is that you are limited to the number of characters that you can add in the questions and answers. You also have access to an online database of other Kahoots that teachers have made public. To access Kahoot,  you just need to create a free account! Here is the link for the site that the kids see, the only need to enter a game PIN that is auto-generated when the teacher activates the game. A constraint of the game is that each question is timed and makes some students feel pressured to pick an answer without thinking. You can, however choose to let the question run for up to two minutes.


Pear DeckPear Deck – With Pear Deck bring interactive, engaging slide presentations to your classroom. With this resource you can add elements like live formative assessments and discussions to enhance presentations. This tool is a great way to create presentations that are visually appealing as well as engaging in the classroom. With the free account you are limited in what you can do, but there is a subscription for the “premium” version that you can purchase.


popplet logoPopplet – Popplet is a mind mapping tool that allows users to think visibly or brainstorm on the internet. This tool allows students to see connections between their ideas in a visually appealing way. You can also use it collaboratively if you share a popplet with multiple people. A constraint of this resource is that you need to be sure to log in before creating otherwise you lose all of your work. Popplet also has an app that can be downloaded onto apple devices.


socrativeSocrative – Socrative is and interactive formative assessment tool that gives you real-time feedback that you can download in a report or chart. You can add pictures to the either multiple choice, true/false or short answer questions. Students can work at their own pace to complete these assessments. One constraint is that you cannot show the student version of the assessment on the screen from the free teacher log in. You would have to log in to the student version of the site. Students only need a class code to log in.


Animoto – Animoto is an online video creator. The free version allows you to have up to 4 minutes of video with about 10 song choices. There is also a watermark on the finished product with the free version. Even with these constraints, you can add pictures, text, and video clips to create a video compilation of your images/clips.

glogsterGlogster – Glogster is an online blog with a scrapbook feel to the layout. Students use this to create online posters for presentations, blog, create a scrapbook page of memories, etc. The free version only requires a sign-up and has many features and options. . To see what a completed Glogster looks like please click here.